Meghan Pickrell - Owner, Mind & Motion Pilates

Episode Summary

Meet Meghan Pickrell, owner of Mind & Motion Pilates and mother to a 5-year-old daughter. In this episode, we talk through Meghan's journey into pilates and owning two businesses, and we have a bigger discussion on the connection behind the mind and body and feeling good while living your best life.

Episode Notes

I am constantly looking to find a better balance between my mind and body. I love practices that help to explore that connection, and help us push ourselves outside of our comfort zone. I had such a great conversation with Meghan Pickrell who owns two businesses including Mind & Motion Pilates, a holistic pilates studio based in LA. She has a great story of being finding a career journey that brings her joy while also having flexibility being a mother. It's not always easy....but she feels she's right where she belongs. And she offers some great advice for moms trying to find a mind/body connection.

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