Liza Savary - Founder, Ruggish Play Rugs

Episode Summary

Meet Liza Savary, mother, and founder of Ruggish Play Rugs. In this episode, we talk about her career journey from interior designer to entrepreneur of a very cool and innovative home product company. I really loved our conversation - not only is her story inspirational but she gives some great tips on staying on course and finding some balance as a mother and business owner.

Episode Notes

I am truly honored that I get to talk to such amazing and inspiring women. Liza Savary is one of them and her story is one you will want to hear. She turned her interior design experience into a career as a business owner and product designer. She found a need in the home goods marketplace - a rug that children could play on without leaving a mess - and set on a course to make a product that would eventually be sold in stores like Pottery Barn and Nordstrom. All while being a mother of two children. I loved her tips on staying on course and finding ways to make it all work! Take a listen and find out more about Ruggish Play Rugs at:

Instagram: @ruggishco

FB: @ruggishco